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Passenger elevator

In today's booming construction industry, elevator plays an indispensable role in it. Sigmapassenger elevator is a highquality elevator with excellent performance and comfortable experience

Elevator installation

Sigma elevator follows the concept of "innovation, reality and stability" of the UK's putton elevator research center. It is guided by safety innovation and constantly develops and optimizes its products.

Cargo elevator

Sigma elevator according to the type of goods and transport habits, set the appropriate closing time to protect the safety of people and goods. Equipped with specially designed shock absorption mechanism to increase comfort and safety.

‍Escalator / sidewalk

Sigma escalator / sidewalk can transfer large torque in small space, and can ensure high transmission efficiency at low speed, with small friction coefficient, easy to establish dynamic pressure oil film, high transmission efficiency and energy saving.


Sigma SuZhou owns the complete production equipment,the leading manufacture crat &tech-nology with the advanced configuration,complete quailty supervision system. meanwhile,it owns the senior elevator parts research and development specialists and teams in China.Main products are Mitsubishi Door machine and landing door hanger,cabin,shaft parts and so on. lt strictly accords with   ISO900 Quality System requirements in its operation. .At the same time,it follows OTIS Q+ Qualality System Standard .It ensures that   every ex-factory product in fine requirements in quality. It wins great satis-faction from vast clients.

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  There are more than 75000 elevators in use in Shanghai. The daily maintenance is directly related to the safety of the...

 There are more than 75000 elevators in use in Shanghai. The daily maintenance is directly related to the safety of the ...

A few days ago, our newspaper published a report that "if you do not agree to increase the property fee, you will not be...

  Suzhou old residential elevator detection report that the old residential elevator safety has always been concerned. S...

  各省、自治区、直辖市质量技术监督局,各有关单位:   为加强电梯安全监察工作,进一步规范电梯制造许可评审、安装改造维修单位分支机构行政许可和电梯现场型式试验工作程序,现就有关要求通知如下:   一、关于制造许可条件中试验井道问题 为满足...

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Sigma Elevator escalator (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. is a set of R & D, production, sales in one elevator enterprise parts.